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At Fry Natural Health Solutions we take a whole body, holistic approach to helping you overcome your health challenges.  Our goal is to uncover the root cause of your symptoms and use natural methods to support your body and help you reach your full potential.  We often see patients that are frustrated with the traditional medical approach or feel like everyone has just given up on them.

Our Approach to Chronic Health Conditions

Welcome to Fry Natural Health Solutions located at 2425 N. Hwy 41, Suite 415,  Evansville, IN 47711.  Our mission is to help those people with chronic conditions get the relief they have been searching for.  At Fry Natural Health Solutions we take a multi tiered approach to helping you on your journey of healing.  We combine functional medicine, chiropractic, brain based rehabilitation, advanced therapies, functional lab testing, functional kinesiology and functional nutrition to provide a comprehensive plan in your treatment and recovery.

There are many factors that contribute to chronic health issues, whether you have been labeled with a diagnosis or not.   When we see a patient that has more than just a new, acute condition we know that it takes time to evaluate and determine that best plan in our office.  From the intake forms through the initial consultation, initial exam and evaluation we feel it is important to take the proper amount of time to cover as many aspects of your history and conditions as possible.  Because of this we feel it is important to do a thorough case review included a very detailed intake history.  

We take a natural, whole body approach to helping our patients in their journey to get their health and their lives back.  


Meet Dr. Tony Fry, D.C., C.F.M.P. and clinic director.

Dr. Fry has been in practice since 1997.  First practicing in Peoria, Illinois Dr. Fry focused primarily on working with athletes.  As his practice evolved over the next five years he saw and extreme need for care with patients that have chronic conditions that were just not being helped by the traditional model.  First spending time focusing on helping those patients with Fibromyalgia he started this journey into helping patients with my mystery and chronic conditions.  He typically will see patients that tell him “I feel like everyone else has given up on me.”  

Dr. Fry is a Chiropractor as well as a Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner and has taken several postgraduate courses in functional neurology as well.  His goal is to help his patients in the Evansville area and worldwide in living a life pain and symptom free.

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