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Introduction to our
Natural Health Improvement Program

Are you tired of being sick and tired?   Do you want to improve your health naturally?  Dr. Fry has combined over 20 years of clinical experience with his nutritional holistic work and certification in Functional Medicine to develop our Natural Health Improvement Program.  Watch video to learn more about this program.

Your Journey Starts Here.

You are visiting this site because you are still searching for help for yourself or a loved one.  At Fry Natural Health Solutions (FNHS) we see patients that fit into a few different categories.  The first step is to determine where you fit.  If you aren’t sure where you fit then it is usually the last category.  Through over 20 years in practice we have found that most of us, including myself, have taken several years to get where we are.  Many times this is done in the  name of healthcare but it ends up being sick care.  Whether it is from taking medications that have undesirable side effects, our environment around us or even the food that we eat.  That is why we have found with many patients that if they want to truly get better is our duty and obligation to tell the truth.  The truth is simply that a chronic condition takes time to get better.  It can be said that with an ideal program of in office treatment, lifestyle change and nutritional support at best it can take 3 – 6 months to get stable.  We are here to help and whether someone wants simply in office treatment or would like to opt for our Natural Health Improvement Program we are here to help.  

Throughout our site you will find information about our services, treatments and also educational materials.  Feel free to head over to our free downloads page to get some really great free “stuff” to help you in changing your lifestyle and food choices.

Acute Pain – pain that typically last 3 to 6 months

Chronic Pain – pain lasting typically longer than 6 months.

Chronic conditions – Dr. Fry has concentrated the majority of his post graduate studies on helping those patients with Chronic conditions.  He has found that these are usually the most frustrating in patient’s lives.  If you have had pain, discomfort or even just overall have “not felt right” and been from doctor to doctor.  Have had different pills, potions and injections.  Even been told it’s all just in your head?  If you that is you then you are not alone.  For you our job is to determine if you are a good candidate for care in our office and then if so what is the best course of care.  It can be both frustrating and overwhelming but we are here to help guide you.

When scheduling an appointment it is extremely important that you let us know what type of appointment your looking for, either chiropractic – acute, chiropractic – chronic or for our Natural Health Improvement Program.  Call us Today at 812-205-2320.



Is it possible to overcome a chronic health condition?

For the past 20 years I have seen patient after patient that is trapped.  They are trapped in their own sick body.  Living with a chronic health condition with little hope and even less answers.  Many times they are frustrated with their diagnosis because it just gives them a label and a life of medications.  Even worse these medications have side effects which add to the symptoms and the diagnoses and the frustration.  My goal is to help patients get their lives back.



Our approach

Specialized Lab Tests

Nutritional Kinesiology

Muscle strength testing combine with acupuncture point analysis to help determine a chronic condition health improvement program


Customized Nutrition

Each patient is unique. We customize our programs based on each patients needs utilizing a multi-tiered evaluation process.

Brain Based Therapy

In many cases brain therapies can help the spine and rest of the body adapt to normal life stress.

Decompression Therapy

We have utilized Triton DTS decompression therapy since 2006 as a natural alternative for bulging and herniated discs

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