Thyroid Problems

Are You Still Suffering From Thyroid Symptoms?


Have you had your thyroid checked? Are you on Thyroid Replacement Hormones? Do you still feel lousy?  You are not alone…


According to the National Women’s Health Information Center, 1 in 8 women will experience a thyroid disorder during their lifetime. The reason why this fact may surprise you is because you’ve probably never heard it…that’s because most doctors are only vaguely familiar with thyroid disorders.


There are six common patterns of hypothyroidism and only one of them even responds to thyroid hormone replacement.  Not only that but traditional lab tests such as TSH and T4 that are ran to test for thyroid CANNOT tell you which pattern of thyroid dysfunction you have. 


We aim to identify any of these functional patterns and provide specific natural protocols to help the body in it’s healing process.


*We do not diagnose or treat thyroid disease.  We do not prescribe or advise medication dosing.  Our goal is to help the body when all other routes have been explored and a patient still has symptoms.