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Dr. Fry graduated from Palmer College in Davenport Iowa in 1997. His practice focuses on helping those patients that have not found answer and are still looking for help. He first discovered in his early days in practice that many patients that have chronic issues, such as chronic pain, chronic fatigue, fibromyalagia and even autoimmune conditions are first triggered by some type of trauma. Either emotions, physical or chemical. He has found through balancing the brain with QNRT™, Quantum Neuro Reset Therapy as well as chiropractic adjustments that the body is better able to handle the stressed that come up in life and can severely affect our health. QNRT™ resets are what helped his with get help with a mystery illness that no other doctors could diagnose let alone help. He has also traveled to see other QNRT specialists to help him with his own autoimmune condition.

Your brain controls everything in your body. That is why we focus on balancing the brain to help lead to health and wellness.

Client Testimonials

I have fibromyalgia and had given up hope for any kind of normal life. Was cynical but gave Dr. Fry a chance. What did I have to lose? As it turns out, a lot of pain. I no longer am captive of a chair, I can move and I can't think him and God enough!

Marilyn S.

Overall back pain and Fibromyalgia

I'm 43 year of age. I've been dealing with fibromyalgia and neck pain/headaches so intense I couldn't even deal with it. I spent a lot of wasted time and money on doctors: from Mayo clinic to family doctors. NO RESULTS! Dr. Fry has put my pain under control.

Ron A.

Fibromyalgia and bad headaches

Accepted Insurances

Chiropractic adjustments are covered by most insurance companies. We are happy to verify any coverage in our office prior to your first visit. Most of our other services are highly specialized and are not covered by any insurance.

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About Fry Natural Health Solutions

Dr. Fry utilizes a very unique and specialized method to naturally help patients over come chronic health concerns. He combines chiropractic, nutrition, functional medicine and QNRT - Quantum neuro reset therapy.

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